A beautiful gift

Julie Moravchik & her children 2-year old Josie & 5-year old Joey outside the Ralph Engelstad Arena

I tried to hold back the tears, but it was impossible.

I don’t cry in front of my news crew.

It’s my job to be strong under pressure. But what they did for me, caught me by surprise, and it was so heartwarming, I had to cry.

It was a Boss’ Day gift. My whole staff surprised me right in the middle of the WDAZ newsroom. They handed me a very nice card, where they all wrote kind words. And inside, they had a gift: three tickets for me and my children to attend “Disney Junior Live, Pirate and Princess Adventure” at the Ralph Engelstad Arena.

I was simply blown away.

As the boss, you rarely feel appreciated, but with that one kind gesture, they let me know, they do appreciate me.

And it felt good.

It was so nice to shed tears of joy. At work, you don’t talk about your personal life. But as I looked out at the crowd, into the eyes of my news reporters and anchors, I could see they understood, without saying a single word.

As a single mother, it’s not often you get to treat your children to special events like this.

In fact, it’s nearly impossible.

And for me and my children, Joey, 5, and Josie, 2, it has always been a dream to go to Disney World. So, to see the Disney characters on stage right here in Grand Forks, I knew it would be quite the treat for my children.

We got pretty dressed up for the big night. I knew this would be a night my children would remember for a lifetime. So, we dressed for the special occasion.

Excitement was in the air, as hundreds of children packed into the arena. And it was a treat seeing most of the girls in the audience wearing princess dresses. It was a big night for many children in Grand Forks.

My sweet Josie gasped when she saw “Sophia the First,” and every girl in the audience shouted with glee when Cinderella made a special guest appearance.

Then came the pirates.

Joey couldn’t contain himself as “Pirate Jake” and Captain Hook dueled, and Peter Pan flew onto the stage, and the grand finale included gold doubloons flying into the air.

It was Joey’s favorite part.

When we got home, my children were so excited, they couldn’t get to bed. So, I decided, why not just enjoy the moment? So, I pushed back bedtime.

I made them a special treat, while Joey dressed up as “Pirate Jake” and Josie dressed as “Princess Sofia” and we played, danced and laughed.

It was a night we will never forget.

As we said our final bedtime prayers, we thanked God for all of our blessings and our truly magical night.

And it was all thanks to a simple act of kindness. That’s all it takes sometimes — a few kind words, a card, a caring gesture.

That card now sits next to the photo of my children on my desk at work, as a reminder. That even when the work day gets tough and stressful, even when others treat me unkindly — it reminds me what I am working for, not for myself, but for the good of others.

And it’s all worthwhile.

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