One note bears a deep message

I was rushing out the door, stressed, exhausted and running behind for work. Lately my 2-year old has been getting up in the middle of the night, and while the “night shift” for a parent isn’t easy, it’s also some of the most precious moments I’ve had with my children. I love snuggling, singing and rocking Josie back to sleep. But it means, the next morning, I am tired.


The past few weeks, I’ve been getting too stressed at work. As news director for a TV station, you hear many complaints and very few compliments. It’s a demanding, stressful job – but it’s the job I love. I love serving the public this way. I love being the voice of the people, informing them of the news of the day and telling wonderful stories about their friends and neighbors. I especially love local news in smaller communities. But being a mother and news director can sometimes take its toll.

Lately, I’ve been trying to do too much myself, and I’ve been too worried about things that are out of my control. I realize it’s time to let go and rely on God. So here I was, a stressed-out mommy running for the door, and saying a quick “goodbye” to my sweet Josie, when my tiny 25-pound girl stopped me in my tracks. She insisted that I wait; she had something she wanted to give me. My first thought was, “no, I can’t wait, I have to get to work.” But I knew it would be wrong to leave, I could tell it was important to her. So I waited.

Josie walked over to the fridge and took down a piece of artwork she had made the day before with the babysitter. It’s a simple piece of paper, with paint splotches all over it, that simply says “I love you.” Josie insisted that I take it to work. And she walked over to my work bag and tried to put in for me. I took it, and gave her a big hug. I decided being a minute late for work would be just fine. So, I hugged her again, gave her a kiss and said “thank you.” That moment with my sweet Josie made my entire day. Actually my entire week.

God comes to us in the most amazing times. Quite often when you least expect it. And if we move too fast, we may even miss those life-changing God moments. I nearly missed mine that morning. I’m glad I didn’t. That piece of paper now hangs proudly on the wall in my office at work. I plan to frame it to keep forever. It will serve as a reminder of how much my baby girl loves me and how much God loves me. And it will serve as a reminder that I need to slow down, stop worrying, trust God and enjoy my life much more.

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